The Garden Gate Nursery and Cafe

We are so pleased to share our space under the Sandgate Community Centre with The Garden Gate Nursery and Cafe which is our parent body Sandbag Inc’s newest social business.

The Garden Gate focuses on outstanding service, knowledge, range of plants and gardening products. The Café offers a cool up-cycled environment which to enjoy a range of organic coffee and locally made cakes and snacks.

We keep a fresh range of sun hardened vegetable and potted colour seedlings all grown on the Sunshine coast.

A full range of Nutri-Tech Solutions – High quality mineral soil improver’s, fertilisers and liquid nutrients.
Queensland Organic’s, pelleted fertilisers, dolomites, gypsum and blood and bone.
John Daly’s Eco-Environment range of high quality potting mixes and high quality soil improver’s and fertilisers.
Bamboohill‘s bamboo mulch in 65lt bags. Great product from Eumundi which can last 4x longer than sugar-cane mulch.
Earth Haven‘s 10 and 20 litre bags of high quality Biochar.
Independent Crop Consultants range of liquid EM’s (effective microbes) and other biological products.
Organic Crop Protectants range of organic pest and disease control products.

A full range of fruit, native and ornamental trees and shrubs.
All our products are competitively priced, all profits from The Garden Gate go to helping support the many great programs that Sangbag undertake.