SEED delivers high quality services that add value to both the community and our customer base. By creating these vital opportunities, we not only keep streets, parks and offices clean but provide a caring environment for vulnerable residents. We are working to expand further in the South-East Queensland region and offer more communities support, whilst being a sustainable and commercially viable social enterprise to partner with Queensland businesses. 

With more than 50 years experience across our team of Horticulture professionals, we have the knowledge and capability to bring your ideas to life.

Services provided include:

  • Commercial & Residential Property Maintenance 

  • Seeding, Turfing, Turf Maintenance & Aeration 

  • Garden Care & Weed Control 

  • Landscape Design 

  • Hedging & Mulching 

  • Acreage/Parklands Mowing 

  • Non-Structural Retaining Wall & Garden Bed Construction 

Landscape Maintenance

SEED provide mowing, pruning, parks maintenance, and soft landscaping services to Government, business, and residential customers